Dawn O'Hara, the Girl Who Laughed by Edna Ferber

By Edna Ferber

"There are a few issues which are pleasanter than being ailing in a brand new York boarding-house whilst one’s nearest dearest is a married sister up in far-away Michigan."

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I'm a regular little human garage when it comes to patchin' up those aggravatin' screws that need oilin'. And, say, don't let Norberg bully you. My name's Blackie. I'm goin' t' like you. " 54 DAWN O'HARA THE GIRL WHO LAUGHED And so it happened that I had not been in Milwaukee a month before Blackie and I were friends. Norah was horrified. My letters were full of him. I told her that she might get a more complete mental picture of him if she knew that he wore the pinkest shirts, and the purplest neckties, and the blackest and whitest of black-and-white checked vests that ever aroused the envy of an office boy, and beneath them all, the gentlest of hearts.

Then we turned slowly and looked at each other. "This pathway of glorified maples ends in a cow," I said, solemnly. At which we both shrieked with mirth, leaning on the decrepit fence and mopping our eyes with our handkerchiefs. " taunted Von Gerhard. We were getting surprisingly well acquainted. "Such a scolding as we shall get! It will be quite dark before we are home. " It was a true prophecy. As we stampeded up the steps the door was flung open, disclosing a tragic figure. " wailed Norah, " and it has been done for hours and hours, and now it looks like a piece of fried ear.

Cried Norah. "On with your hat and coat! I've just had a wire from Ernst von Gerhard. He's coming, and you look like an under-done dill pickle. You aren't half as blooming as when he was here in August, and this is October. Get out and walk until your cheeks are so red that Von Gerhard will refuse to believe that this fiery-faced puffing, bouncing creature is the green and limp thing that huddled in a chair a few months ago. " And out I went. Hatless, I strode countrywards, leaving paved streets and concrete walks far behind.

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