Dangerous Journey by Alwyn Cox

By Alwyn Cox

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Singing) Upon all the boats of the men of Heike's faction Kagekiyo was the fighter most in call, Brave were his men, cunning sailors, And now even the leader Is worn out and dull as a horse. VILLAGER (to Kagekiyo) Many a fine thing is gone, sir; your daughter would like to ask you…. KAGEKIYO What is it? VILLAGER She has heard of your old fame in Uashima. Would you tell her the ballad? KAGEKIYO Towards the end of the third month it was, in the third year of Juei. We men of Heike were in ships, the men of Genji were on land.

Come, come, never mind, young miss. ' He begs a bit from the passers, and the likes of us keep him; he'd be ashamed to tell you his name. However, I'll come along with you, and then I'll call out, 'Kagekiyo;' and if he comes, you can see him and have a word with him. Let us along, (they cross the stage, and the villager calls) Kagekiyo, Oh there, Kagekiyo! KAGEKIYO Noise, noise! Someone came from my home to call me, but I sent them on. I couldn't be seen like this. Tears like the thousand lines in a rain storm, bitter tears soften my sleeve.

The dream tells of my glory, I am loth to wake from the dream. I hear the waves running in the evening tide, as when I was with Heike. Shall I act out the old ballad? KAGEKIYO (to the villager) I had a weight on my mind, I spoke to you very harshly, excuse me. VILLAGER You're always like that, never mind it. Has anyone been here to see you? KAGEKIYO No one but you. VILLAGER Go on, that is not true. Your daughter was here. Why couldn't you tell her the truth, she being so sad and so eager. I have brought her back now.

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