Daimon (Covenant, Book 0.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

By Jennifer L. Armentrout

"Love in my international often ended up with a person listening to 'I smite thee!' as she used to be cursed to be a few lame flower for the remainder of her life."

For 3 years, Alexandria has lived between mortals—pretending to be like them and attempting to fail to remember the obligation she'd been expert to meet as a toddler of a mortal and a demigod. At seventeen, she's pretty well accredited that she's a freak via mortal standards… and that she'll by no means be ready for that duty.

According to her mom, that’s an exceptional thing.

But as each descendant of the gods is familiar with, destiny has a fashion of rearing her grotesque head. A scary assault forces Alex to escape Miami and check out to discover her as far back as the very position her mom had warned her she shouldn't ever return—the Covenant. each step that brings her in the direction of security is yet another step towards death… simply because she's being hunted via the very creatures she'd as soon as knowledgeable to kill.

The daimons have discovered her.

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Running out of time. indd 40 They’re waiting for me. I have to reach them. No! 13/05/2010 14:56 There’s something dark and terrible out there – – A dark wing that is folding around me – – And trapping them. I’m coming! indd 41 13/05/2010 14:56 Whoa! Aw, man – that dream again. Every time I fall a little longer. I wonder what will happen when I hit the… is that whispering? A soft electronic hum – and distant whispers… What could be going on in the middle of a wood? ” I wonder what’s going on. indd 42 13/05/2010 14:56 I wonder what’s going on out there… I Still can’t make out the words… hold on – – Mrs Deverill’s landrover has gone.

Mister Burgess? indd 59 13/05/2010 14:56 –Hhnn– Get out. Maybe Tom’s still asleep. Yeah, right. indd 60 13/05/2010 14:56 What’s the point of running? I’ve got no family and friends… Run. Get out of here. I’m going to die here and nobody will care. Stop!!! indd 61 13/05/2010 14:56 You all right? There’s been a murder! Shouldn’t you be in school? A man named Tom Burgess! He’s a farmer – lives at Glendale Farm! You saw him? What were you doing there? What’s your name? I’m Matthew Freeman – I’m staying with Mrs Deverill.

Why didn’t you? I’m Tom Burgess. I’m a farmer – I own Glendale Farm, along the Greater Malling road. What were you warning me about? Why is everyone in Lesser Malling so weird? Who are you? I didn’t hear any shots. Are you guarding this place? No – I’m hunting – I’m after some foxes that come for my chickens in the night. indd 54 I didn’t see any foxes. 13/05/2010 14:56 You said a power station – a nuclear power station? What the hell is it doing here? it was experimental, put here long ago – before they started building the real things.

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