Crusader (Wayfarer Redemption, Book 6) by Sara Douglass

By Sara Douglass

For numerous millennia the famous person Dance and the TimeKeeper Demons have battled their approach around the universe, destroying innumerable planets, laying waste to civilizations around the cosmos.

Choosing the land of Tencendor as their final battleground, the demons holiday throughout the big name Gate. The Gate destroyed, all magic on the planet is long gone and the 3 races of Tencendor are plunged right into a vortex of chaos, insanity, and death.

Caelum SunSoar, son of the near-immortal Starman Axis and cherished ruler of the entire land's peoples, is useless. Leaderless, these now not killed outright or pushed mad flee to the single position left to them, Sanctuary, a paranormal position created a while previous to protect all who're stable from the wrath of the demons.

There is for a few one wish left: DragonStar, Axis's different son. Many think he's the genuine StarSon, the single being which can keep their international. Others are only as confident that he's in league with the demons and should be their doom. in basic terms DragonStar understands the reality and as he and his partners pass forth to do conflict he prays that he may well persuade all that his explanations are pure.

What he doesn't comprehend is that there's a traitor who plans handy Sanctuary over to the Demons. A betrayer whose activities may strength DragonStar to make a sacrifice so bloody and terrible that it will probably suggest the destruction of every thing that he holds pricey during this lifestyles or the next.

And if he fails, he may possibly doom Tecendor to an everlasting hell.

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Are you certain? " An electrode, tipped with a miniature cauterizing iron, slipped into Crovax's brain. With a hiss, what remained of his painful conscience burned away. 43 Nemesis CHAPTER 3 ARRIVALS At low speed, and with considerable cursing on the part of Greven il-Vec, Predator approached the airship tunnel high on the slope of the Stronghold. It had taken two days to return from Portal Canyon instead of the usual five hours. Negotiating the usually roomy tunnel through the slopes of Rath Peak appeared impossible.

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