Common Sense: Journal of the Edinburgh Conference of by werner bonefeld (ed)

By werner bonefeld (ed)

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E . detonation, would d r i v e a coach and horses through every value humanity has ever fought for o r attempted to shield and establish. Not surprisingly, therefore, i t would also violate lots and lots of laws across a whole spectrum, from, for example, the spreading of poison, laws prohibiting cruelty to animals and harming of wildlife, even laws to do with treason, one of t h e definitions of which is compassing t h e death of h e i r s of t h e monarch, and also laws such a s t h e Geneva Conventions Act which I ' l l come back to.

I t ' s a unique human c r i s i s which calls for new and unique responses. I'm particularly interested in using the Geneva Convention Act as a basis for campaigning. I t ' s no stronger or weaker in s t r i c t legal terms than many other approaches, such as conspiracy to murder, or threats to k i l l and so on, but from the point of view of campaigning i t has a great potential because of i t s plurali s t i c structure. the Geneva Conventions Act brought into British law part of the Geneva Conventions and, in addition, the rest of the Geneva Conventions and the 1977 Additional Protocol also established various categories of non-combatant who must not be attacked or harmed in wars.

Which strands in feminism do you think a r e the relevant ones? K . M . : I see feminism a s really very central to social theory and social change, particularly I ' m most impressed by matriarchally oriented feminism - t h a t ' s to say where notions of authority and true authority, true dignity a r e involved r a t h e r than fighting s h y of these and saying that they simply equate to power and power equates to being male. Now I'm not impressed with femini s m s which a r e opposed to men biologically, and indeed most women aren' t Sex is different from gender, feminists have taught us.

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