Cold War: An Illustrated History, 1945-1991 by Jeremy & Downing, Taylor Isaacs

By Jeremy & Downing, Taylor Isaacs

This illustrated narrative historical past, spanning the increase of the Iron Curtain and the cave in of the Berlin Wall, is the spouse the main 24-episode documentary airing on CNN, and worldwide, starting within the fall of 1998. six hundred illustrations, a hundred in colour. 7 maps.

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The Outcome of Winter All these tensions whole of Europe were given new edge by the bitter winter that gripped the in 1946-1947, the worst in living memory. Everywhere, tem- peratures dropped to record lows. Britain's winter was especially severe, and its fragile economic recover}' faltered. On 12 February 1947 a further blizzards swept Britain, and the coal industry Iron Curtain, 1945-1947 was unable to wave of meet the extra 39 demand for power. In the fuel crisis that followed, the to cut coal supplies to all industries by half, and government was forced power was limited electric to and now further under- a few hours per day.

By 1946 Lavrenti the passengers being held east, Beria, chief of the secret police, had men and women in the For those who had earlier suf- imprisoned between 7 million and 12 million Soviet labour camps known collectively as the Gulag. fered the humiliation of surrender in battle and the trauma of imprisonment by the Nazis, there were new horrors ahead — a daily struggle to survive with- out adequate food or shelter, often in settlements above the Arctic above: Setting Survivors of a "death march" from Lodz, Poland, to Berlin.

Peace Conference At the end of July 1946 twenty-one nations gathered in Paris for a peace conference intended to resolve outstanding issues from the war. Just before the conference opened, the United States detonated two atom bombs at Bikini Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, speaking in Stuttgart Atoll in the Pacific, perhaps to monopoly. The on 6 September 1946, It remind the Kremlin of was not an auspicious prelude Paris peace conference to a its atomic weapons peace conference. was modelled on the Versailles conference, announces that the United which had redrawn the map of Europe States wishes to see a rehabili- of co-operation between the victorious powers was so poor that the confer- tated Germany.

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