Codespell by Kelly McCullough

By Kelly McCullough

The universe wishes a reboot...In the twenty-first century magic has long gone electronic, and Ravirn, a right away descendant of 1 of the 3 Fates, is a skilled sorcerer and computing device hacker extraordinaire. So whilst Necessity, the sentient machine that runs the universe, catches a deadly disease that crashes many of the magical web, Ravirn is tasked with solving it. Whoever upkeep Necessity will, for that second, run the universe. regrettably for the sorcerer, a few very risky beings have figured that out too.

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That was then. Now, Necessity was broken, the whole system was coming apart with wildly unpredictable results, and a good argument could be made that it was all my fault. ” I asked, trying to sound as casual as possible. “Taured. Strictly Confidential. ” In the image, Cerice paused for a moment as though listening to something I couldn’t hear, then nodded. Some of the color leached out of the projection, a sign that some sort of heavy encryption had been introduced. “We’re off the record for a few seconds,” said Cerice.

Stood within a ring of forget-me-nots in a greenhouse beneath a golden-apple sun. Castle Discord. I stepped out of the ring and went away. Discontinuity. ” Discord’s voice brought me back. The greenhouse flickered into being and was gone in the same instant. We stood now upon a bridge of glass over a river made up of the eternally changing stuff of Primal Chaos. That was my first impression. My second was of a glass tunnel suspended within that same river. One moment it seemed to be all around us, the next in one direction only.

No. Nothing so hopeful as that. I expect you to die. If you do, I have the satisfaction of being right. If you don’t, I have the entertainment of watching you slip the noose. ” “Happy to be of service,” I said, sourly. “Don’t be that way about it,” said Eris. “There’s no reason to get mad at me for making the best of a bad situation. ” “A bad situation for me, you mean. ” I turned away from Eris and stomped off through the crowd of apple-headed not-people. I needed time to think without her picking at me, and that meant being where she was not.

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