Pygmalion and Arms and the Man (Cliffs Notes) by James K. Lowers, Marilynn O. Harper

By James K. Lowers, Marilynn O. Harper

In Pygmalion, Shaw offers the classical tale of a professor who transforms a lady of the reduce classification into a chic creature, who then falls in love with him -- regrettably in love, that's. Set in Bulgaria, hands and the guy satirizes romantic attitudes approximately love and battle. Raina, the heroine, falls in love with a cowardly, chocolate-loving enemy soldier in the course of an unnamed conflict. After the battle, her fiance demanding situations her new admirer to a duel, loses middle, and proposes to the maid as an alternative.

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Raina Petkoff The romantic idealist of twenty-three who views war in terms of noble and heroic deeds. Sergius Saranoff The extremely handsome young Bulgarian officer who leads an attack against the Serbs which was an overwhelming success. Major Petkoff The inept, fifty-year-old father of Raina; he is wealthy by Bulgarian standards, but he is also unread, uncouth, and incompetent. Catherine Petkoff Raina’s mother; she looks like and acts like a peasant, but she wears fashionable dressing gowns and tea gowns all the time in an effort to appear to be a Viennese lady.

Eliza then reminds him that he has both her voice and her “appearance” in numerous photographs and recordings; when he feels lonesome, he can turn on one of his recordings of her. ” In fact, her “little dog’s tricks of fetching and carrying slippers” can in no way compare to the greatness of his creation—that is, the Duchess Eliza. At this point, Eliza is absolutely confused as to what course her life is to take. She sorely regrets the loss of independence which she once had. Higgins offers to adopt her or settle money on her, but he is horrified when he hears that Freddy EynsfordHill is romantically interested in her; Freddy, Higgins says, can’t “make anything of” her.

Oh, men! men! men! ” she exclaims. Commentary Between Act II and Act III, an undisclosed amount of time has elapsed, enough time to allow Eliza to master some of the basics of pronunciation but not enough time for her to master proper Pygmalion & Arms and the Man 30 subject matter or the theme of discussion. When she appears at Mrs. Higgins’, there is an obvious contrast. No longer is she the flighty Eliza of the first two acts; now, she is the reserved Eliza; she is “exquisitely dressed,” and she “produces an impression of such remarkable distinction and beauty” that everyone is quite taken aback.

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