Civics: as Applied Sociology by Patrick Geddes

By Patrick Geddes

Civics: as utilized Sociology is gifted the following in a top quality paperback version. This renowned vintage paintings by way of Patrick Geddes is within the English language, and will no longer contain photos or photos from the unique variation. when you benefit from the works of Patrick Geddes then we hugely suggest this e-book in your publication assortment.

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Latent War). PLACES (a) MARKET, BANK, etc. FACTORY, MINE, etc. (b) FORT, FIELD, etc. Next note how from the everyday world of action, there arises a corresponding thought-world also. This has, [Page: 69] of course, no less numerous and varied elements, with its resultantly complex local colour; But a selection will suffice, of which the headings may be printed below those of the preceding scheme, to denote how to the objective elements there are subjective elements corresponding--literal reflections upon the pools of memory--the slowly flowing stream of tradition.

From the standpoint of its applicability to new countries like America, Professor Geddes' programme is inadequate because of its failure to recognise that a city under these conditions is formed by a rapid and contemporaneous movement of population, and not by the lapse of time. [Page: 136] The first permanent white settler came to Chicago precisely one hundred years ago, and the city has a population at present of about two and a quarter millions. It is here not a question of slow historic development but of the rapid drifting towards a certain point, of a population from all quarters of the globe, and the ethnological standpoint therefore becomes of more importance than the historical.

D--NEED OF ABSTRACT METHOD FOR NOTATION AND FOR INTERPRETATION Not only such general geographical studies, but such social interpretations as those above indicated have long been in progress: witness the labours of whole schools of historians and critics, among whom Montsquieu and his immediate following, or in more recent times Buckle and Taine, are but the most prominent; witness the works of geographers like Humboldt, Ritter, Reclus, or of developmental technologists like Boucher de Perthes and regional economists like Le Play.

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