Choosing and using spices by Sallie Morris, Lesley Mackley

By Sallie Morris, Lesley Mackley

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Caraway is a useful antidote to Oatu­ lence and an aid to digestion. It is used in a multitude of ways for its Oavour and aroma, for example in mouthwash and gargle preparations as well as in the perfume industry. , I , • caraway cheese 39 ea, The Spice Index CULINARY USE Cassia BOTANICAL NAME: Cassia is generally used in savoury Cinnamomum cassia· FAMILY NAME: Lauraceae dishes, while cinnamon is preferable in sweet and delicately flavoured recipes. Cassia is an ingredient in mixed spice, OTH ER NAM ES: bastard cinnamon, canel, canton cassia, cas i a bar k, Chi n esec inn a mOll; G.

Coriander grows wherever there is warmth. It needs a sunny position in well-drained been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs, and the Roman Legions carried coriander as soil and grows easily in boxes and pots. It is grown extensively as a crop in India, Russia, Brazil, South America, North Africa and Holland. they progressed through Europe, using it to flavour their bread. The origin of the /lame is rather off-jlutting - i{ comes from koris, the Greek word for a bed bug, so given AROMA AND FLAVOUR Coriander has been used as a flavouring and medicine since ancient times.

JJ'Qcess. food without soaking. le es Cl r, le /z esa. k esr Cl m saffron strands The name sq/fron comesfi'om the Arabic za'faran, which means yellow - a sacred coLour chosen by Buddhist monks jor their robes. Saffron is huge01 expensive: consider that 200,000 flowers have to be harvested by hand to obtain 450 g /1 Lb saffron and no jurther expLanation jor cost is neceSS{l1y. S affron has been highly prized as a dye, medication and culinary spice since Greek and Roman times. One of AROMA AND FLAVOUR the more extravagant Roman Emper­ fron sparingly to avoid a medicinal ors, Heliogabalus, is said to have bathed in saffron-scented water.

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