Chinese Fables and Folk Stories by Mary Hayes Davis

By Mary Hayes Davis

From the Authors’ PREFACE:

IT calls for a lot research of the Oriental brain to capture even short glimpses of the key of its mysterious attraction. An open brain and the knowledge of significant sympathy are stipulations necessary to making it in any respect attainable.

Contemplative, mild, and metaphysical of their behavior of proposal, the chinese language have mirrored profoundly and labored out many riddles of the universe in methods certainly their very own. recognition of the worth and wish to united states extra certain wisdom of the psychological procedures of our Oriental brothers, raises splendidly as one starts to realize the richness, intensity, and sweetness in their concept, ripened because it is through the hidden strategies of evolution during the a while.

to acquire literal translations from the psychological shop- j condominium of the chinese language has now not been discovered effortless of feat; however it is a tougher, and a such a lot elusive activity to try to translate their fancies, to work out existence itself because it looks from the chinese language perspective, and to retell those impressions with no wasting fairly all in their colour and beauty.

The "impressions," the "airy shapes" shaped by means of the Oriental mind's eye, the existence touches and mystery graces of its fancy are instantly the enjoyment and melancholy of the one that makes an attempt to list them.

In retelling those chinese language tales of domestic and faculty lifestyles, the author has been enormously aided through the Rev. Chow Leung, whose obtrusive wish to serve his homeland and feature the lives of his humans mirrored really, has made him a useful collaborator. With the sufferer courtesy attribute of the chinese language, he has given a lot time to explaining vague issues and answering questions innumerable.

it's been an approved trust of the world's most sensible students that chinese language literature didn't own the fantasy, and chapters in attention-grabbing books were written in this topic declaring its absence. however, whereas learning the folks, language, and literature of China it used to be the good excitement of the author to find that the chinese language have many fables, some of that are released during this e-book.

As those tales, usual in the house and faculty lifetime of the kids of China, convey various stages of the nature of a humans within the very techniques of formation, it's earnestly was hoping that this English presentation of them can help a bit towards a greater figuring out and appreciation of chinese language personality as a complete.

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He glass, laughed and waved his hand at the boy who did the same Then Woo Sing thing, in exactly the same way. thought, "I will go closer. be that he does not hear me ". But when in the It may he began to walk, the other boy imitated him. Woo Sing stopped to think about these strange ac- "This boy mocks me, he does everything that I do;" and the more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and soon he noticed that the boy became angry too. tions, So and he said Woo Sing grew very boy in the went crying to the The to himself, glass, struck but he only hurt his hand and he his father.

About alone and would not bow. He know said, that? "I am a king But he still always a king. You bow your heads and walked Do you think that THE PROUD CHICKEN pleases me. if there myself. And But what do I care? " he hopped up on a tree and sang some war songs. But suddenly an eagle who heard him, flew down and caught him in his talons and carried him away. And the chickens never saw their proud, quarrelsome king again. EE-SzE (Meaning): that it No position in gives the right to be proud life is so high and quarrelsome.

Will find seeds. spirit Bring them home sent from the Greatest to One After saying these things the Moi your family. " man went out and Yao- arose with great joy and told his family. Then he went to the East Mountain by the wilderness, where he found corn and peanuts and the meat of two hundred foxes already prepared to And he was very glad, and brought and saved many home much food lives. EE-SZE (Meaning): reward. eat. If people do good they will have THE EVERGREEN TREE AND THE WILDERNESS MARIGOLD WHEN the springtime (long-life flower) in the fields, in China, the marigold grows everywhere and by the The marigold comes is on the mountains, river side.

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