Chindi (Hutch) by Jack McDevitt

By Jack McDevitt

The universe has been explored--and humanity has all yet given up on discovering different clever lifestyles. Then an alien satellite tv for pc orbiting famous person sends out an unreadable sign. Is it the ultimate programmed gasp of an old, long-dead race? Or the 1st greeting of an undiscovered existence shape?

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The money’s good. They’ll guarantee you half again as much as you make at Cambridge. The work’s challenging. ” Pete looked past her, at Ava and Mike deep in conversation, at Miriam cruising past the goodies and trying not to eat too much, at Tora Cavalla, who’d got home to an assignment on Outpost and would be going right back out. Director at Phoenix. Responsible for personnel. For allocation of funds. For dealing with the board of directors. He’d be buried. Still, it was advancement. It was what he was supposed to be doing.

Some of these ideas even found their way into her shows. She did two interstellar fantasies, Here for the Weekend and Starstruck, and both had been successful. She’d even done a cameo in the latter, as a ship’s doctor trying to deal with a plague that kills inhibitions. She met George during the cast party to celebrate the opening of Here for the Weekend. They were in New York, and her lighting director, Freddy Chubb, knew George, had been aware he’d be in the audience, and had invited him up to the bash.

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