Child of the Light (Book 1 of The Madagascar Manifesto) by George Guthridge, Janet Berliner, Neil Jackson

By George Guthridge, Janet Berliner, Neil Jackson

This outstanding publication follows the lives of 3 neighbors, Solomon Freund, a Jew, Erich Wiesser, his Catholic neighbor and “brother in blood”, and Miriam Rathenau, whom either boys love, and who occurs to be niece of Germany’s international minister Walther Rathenau. From their early life supporting at their mom and dad’ co-owned tobacco store, the lads locate their dating strained, as used to be all of Germany, via the expansion of the nationwide Socialist social gathering and the descent of Germany right into a Nazi hell.

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While Erich stood holding and kissing the puppy, the dog squirming against the confinement, Sol heaved the crate away from the sewer's grate. It was blood-brown with corrosion and recessed into a limestone floor discolored by a century of cellar moisture seeping into the drain. Taking hold of the crowbar they had hidden there, he jammed it beneath the lip of the grate and, using the tool as a lever, pressed down on it with all his might. The grate did not budge. " Erich said, hopping from one foot to the other as though he needed to use a bathroom.

Sol could tell he was thinking hard. As if it had received some kind of message, the pup began mewling, straining so much against its rope that the forepaws scrabbled ineffectually against the pavement. "His name's Bull," Erich said. " "Private things," Erich said. " Erich stood and crept around the garbage cans, keeping close to the wall. " Erich waved him off and continued on. Sol went around the cans but feared going further. "That butcher comes out and finds you with his dog, he'll chop you up instead," he whispered.

The beadle accepted a glass of schnapps and an invitation to be seated. " He sipped at the drink with obvious enjoyment. "So kind of you to include me. " "We have potato pancakes left over, if you're hungry," Sol's mother said. "Hungry? " The beadle glanced down at his stomach and laughed. "But I can't stay long. " Erich saw a look of relief on his friend's face. He felt the same way; he wanted the beadle to stay, but who knew how long Papa would control himself? "I have no gifts for the adults," the beadle said, "but I was able to manage a little something for each of the children.

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