Chemistry of Iodine in Reactor Safety (Summary, Conclusions)

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3. SYNTHESIS OF SF5-SUBSTITUTED AROMATIC HETEROCYCLES FROM SF5CL (SF5BR): APPLICATION OF SF5-SUBSTITUTED ALKENES AND SF5SUBSTITUTED ALKYNES TO THE SYNTHESIS OF SF5SUBSTITUTED HETEROARENES The radical addition of SF5Cl (SF5Br) to double or triple bonds and subsequent dehydrohalogenation of corresponding adducts provides access to SF5-substituted alkenes or alkynes, which as shown below are valuable precursors for the synthesis of different types of SF5-substituted generally 28 Oleksandr S. Kanishchev and William R.

84, 3072 (1962). N. Craig, Novel substituted phenothiazines and intermediates therefor, Patent US3107242. W. D. Coffmann, J. Org. , 29, 3567 (1964). M. A. V. N. G. Kartsev, J. , 54, 115 (1991). G. R. Foster, Process for the preparation of aryl- and heteroarylsulphurpentafluorides, Patent WO9422817. D. P. S. Moilliet, and J. Thomson, The preparation of fluorinated organic compounds, Patent WO9705106. D. H. Spink, Chem. , 883 (1999). D. J. P. M. Kariuki, A. Loveday, and D. Philp, Tetrahedron, 56, 3399 (2000).

M. Shreeve, Org. , 9, 3841 (2007). SF5-Substituted Aromatic Heterocycles 07USP7241904 07WO106818 08AGE7230 08WO118787 09CEJ6332 09CEJ9897 09JOC5626 09MI165 09MI4163 09USP7592491 10MI1 10TL5137 10USP7820864 10USP7851646 10USP0130790 10WO033930 10WO144434 11JFC389 11MI4787 11USP040103 12CEJ10234 12EJO2123 12JFC57 12MI461 13MI411 13MI8103 13SL855 41 S. F. E. S. F. , and A. Klauck-Jacobs, Pentafluorosulfanyl-substituted thienothiophene monomers and conducting polymers, Patent US2007/7241904B2. A. R.

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