Chemistry and Physics of Stratospheric Ozone by Andrew Dessler

By Andrew Dessler

Chemistry and Physics of Stratospheric Ozone will offer an in-depth account of chemical and actual houses of stratospheric ozone, for you to be useful to a large audience.The examine of the decade has produced as many arguments as solutions, and the writer offers an exceptional account of either the authorised and provocative resolutions.* makes a speciality of the real elements of stratospheric ozone which are had to comprehend lots of the literature* offers large dialogue of the common and human-induced alterations to the "ozone layer"* contains homework difficulties on the finish of every bankruptcy"

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Instead, we search for &ose processes that can sect O3and were changll-ag an a time-scale of decades. i;me-scales and iporing processes whose time-scales me 200 long or too shofl--is a useful approach that is used throughout science, ]in the previous seetion, the lifetime l/IJ sf a, constituent was d e ~ v e dfrom the solueir[)n sf a simplified continuity eqwl;jiun (&mation (2,231). However, there is a simpler way to degne the Iifedme 06 a chemical eansfieuent: the "repjacernent lifethe". The replacement fjife~meis equd to the total abundmce of the constibent divided by the rate at which the constituent is produced or des&oyed.

Sudaces of cmsant potential temperature. 5), As ti result*air at tl~esame altilhude a d JPV ten&%to be mare s i ~ l than x air at the same latitt~de,making PV a mprisr horizon~lcoordinate [5"7,5S], For [email protected], PV is often expressed in mi&of equivalent IaGtrade. The quivaient latitude of a PV value is the latitude circle that encloses the s m e area as the PV contom Because of its conve~ence,equivalent latimde will be used Erequexkdy in &is boo context of a zonauy averaged equivdent-latitude plot, Xmx this t y p of plot, && at the same ecrquivdenk 1;alituc;deand altitude are averaged together, regardless of longitude, to obtain a two-dimensional view af the atmosphere.

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