Chemistry and Biological Activities of Bacterial Surface by Gerald D. Shockman

By Gerald D. Shockman

Chemistry and organic actions of Bacterial floor Amphiphiles.

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As shown in Table I and Fig. 4, LTAs from several different bacterial species can inhibit the action of the endogenous Nacetylmuramoylglycanhydrolase (muramidase) activity present in isolated cell walls of S. faecium and Lactobacillus acidophilus strain 63AM Gasser (29). Chemically deacylated LTA, the amphiphilic Forssman antigen (Fag) of the pneumococcus, and the succinylated lipomannan (ALP) of M. luteus all failed to inhibit the streptococcal wall autolytic system. The results of this somewhat preliminary and incomplete survey and other data indicated that requirements for inhibitory activity included the presence of fatty acid esters and a polyglycerophosphate chain of undetermined length.

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