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Instead, RSJ suggests looking at science as a labour proces: The model of the passively contemplating individual discoverin truth is replaced by a model in which scientists work with mear, of production to transform raw materials into products . The air is not to claim that scientific work is literally like factory labour that would be at best an exaggeration . Rather, the labour proce! perspective is `an exercise in political analysis' : You may think the definition of science as a labour proce ; which I gave above is merely a formula .

Ence over the whole ten year period (1957-67) favoured the C firms . The above discussion of our results comparing CE an American firms applies also to the differences between Japan an USA, only in a more pronounced way . That is, the different( in both sub-periods are positve but those of the first one (196' 72) are considerably higher and much more often statistical] significant . The Rowthorn and Hymer (1971, p . 56) resul showed that Japanese firms grew considerably faster than tk American firms, especially between 1957-62 whereas our dal suggests some recent slackening in the pace of Japanese growth .

For simplicity's sake, let us talk about only one aspect of scientific knowledge, `laws of nature', although the same kind of analysis could be performed on the `fact' . The crucial, and muchattacked, part of Young's `Science is Social Relations' is the argument that the status of a `natural law' is the same as the status of a `commodity' as analysed by Marx . [18] Rather, the crucial point is the way the commodity, for Marx, is a `crystal' of human labour . Looking at it - looking at a refrigerator, say we see a `thing' with a price, that can be exchanged for other things through the medium of money .

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