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From this it follows that p = s if and only if there are no changes in the price of means of production of the same sort . In the analysis of ground-form capital such fluctuations in magnitude of value of MP (of the same sort) are set equal to zero by an assumption of presentation . tbsolute and telative ;urplus-Value 'roduction C13-D The following paragraphs are devoted to an account of absolute and relative surplus-value production, in order to demonstrate how a reconstructed concept of magnitude of value necessitates a reconceptualisation of these categories .

45) . The products in these `simple commodity production" economies are not exchanged directly for one another but I are sold for money ; otherwise they could have no 'prices' Mandel's reasoning presupposes that in these imagined or preceding historical conditions the producers are oriented I towards gaining the maximum price for their commodities, and that they will alter their productive activity according to i where they can maximise their income from the sale of commodities. Otherwise, how could the fluctuations in supply to i which Mandel alludes, come about?

CI : 49, 64, KI : 56, 72f ; Marx, 1975 : III : 130, 135 . 9 Mandel exemplifies the 'logical-historical' form of presentation in the most startling way by completely historicising the development of categories in Part I of Capital, Vol . 1 . ), Mandel includes a chapter on the transition 'from simple commodity production to the capitalist mode of production' (Chapter 4) . 44) . In this form of production, according to Mandel, 'commodities 54 CAPITAL AND CLASS are exchanged according to the quantity of labour required i to produce them .

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