Buddhism A Layman’s Guide to Life by P.P.A. (Prayutto)

By P.P.A. (Prayutto)

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A LAYMAN'S WELFARE Thus have I heard:- On one occasion the Blessed One was dwelling among the Koliyans in their market town called Kakkarapatta. Then Dighajiinu, a Koliyan son, approached the Blessed One, saluted him and sat down at one side. So seated, he spoke thus to the Blessed One: "Lord, we are laymen who enjoy the pleasures of the senses. We live surrounded by wife and children. We use sandal wood of KBsT. We adorn ourselves with garlands, perfume, and cosmetics. We enjoy the use of gold and silver.

He who strikes or insults mother or father, brother, sister, or mother-in-law, let one know him as an outcast. [93] 11. "He who, being asked about what is good, teaches what is bad and advises another while concealing the good 1941 from him, let one know him as an outcast. 12. "He who, having committed an evil deed, hopes none may know of him and acts deceitfully, let one know him [9jl as an outcast. 13. "He who, having gone to another's house and eaten of his good food, does not in turn honour him when he comes, let one know him as an outcast.

2-3; Sn. "u,25/ 513 ; ?.?. 2513171376) IIZ. Causes of Downfall -The Pariibhava-Sutta, Sn. 91-1 15 (?.?. 2513031346) I . The Ways of The Wicked -The Vasala-Sutta, Sn. 116-142 (y.?. 2513051349) V. The Ways of The Virtuous -The Sappurisa-Sutta 11, A. agiin. 2311281 249) VZ. True Friendship -The Hiri-Sutta, Sn. 253-257 ("u,?. 2513161375) VII. Well-Spoken Words -The Subhasita-Sutta, S. 189; Sn. a. 151 7391277; U,.?. 25/356/410) VZZZ. A Layman's Welfare -The ~ i g h a j ~ n u - ~ u tA. aggn.

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