Bond Graphs for Modelling, Control and Fault Diagnosis of by Wolfgang Borutzky

By Wolfgang Borutzky

This e-book offers thought and most up-to-date program paintings in Bond Graph technique with a spotlight on:

• Hybrid dynamical process models,

• Model-based fault analysis, model-based fault tolerant keep watch over, fault prognosis

• and in addition addresses

• Open thermodynamic structures with compressible fluid flow,

• disbursed parameter types of mechanical subsystems.

In addition, the publication covers a variety of purposes of present curiosity starting from motorised wheelchairs, in-vivo surgical procedure robots, jogging machines to wind-turbines.The up to date presentation has been made attainable via specialists who're energetic contributors of the global bond graph modelling community.

This publication is the thoroughly revised 2d variation of the 2011 Springer compilation textual content titled Bond Graph Modelling of Engineering platforms – concept, purposes and software program help. It extends the presentation of idea and purposes of graph method through new advancements and most modern examine results.

Like the 1st version, this publication addresses readers in academia in addition to practitioners in and invitations specialists in comparable fields to contemplate the capability and the cutting-edge of bond graph modelling.

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2b) But these equations can be reduced to only one using the previously described method. 2a) by 1; a sin '; a cos ' : 2 J; : 3 Ä ! 1c): 3 1 : J Ma sin ' Ma cos ' 4 a sin ' 5 ! C a cos ' 3 2 0 Ma sin ' Ma cos ' 4 a cos ' 5 ! 4) 2 A Method for Minimizing the Set of Equations in Bond Graph Systems. . 33 And finally: J C Ma2 : ! 4 ZCP Class 2 The causal path is set between elements whose constitutive relations are algebraic (resistors are the most typical case). There are also several ways to obtain the set of equations.

35 Fig. 6 System with a ZCP class 3 and a break variable Sf 0 v1= break variable R1:R v1 1 GY 1 C:K1 q1 Fig. 7 System with a ZCP class 3 and a compliance with derivative causality Sf 0 R1:R 1 GY 1 C:K1 q1 In Fig. 6, a break variable is established. If integral causality is considered in the compliance element, a causal path appears. In order to break this, flow v1 in resistance R1 is introduced as break variable. 10) If differential causality is imposed on the compliance (Fig. 7), the causal path disappears since flow q1 , which imposes compliance, is used as break variable.

J. J. (1978). About the role of constraints in the linear relaxational behaviour of thermodynamic systems. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, 94(3–4), 521–544. 1016/0378-4371(78)90085-7. 13. Karnopp, D. , Margolis, D. , & Rosenberg, R. C. (1990). System dynamics: A unified approach. New York, NY: Wiley. 14. Maschke, B. , van der Schaft, A. , & Breedveld, P. C. (1992). An intrinsic hamiltonian formulation of network dynamics: Non-standard poisson structure and gyrators. Journal of the Franklin Institute, 329(5), 923–966.

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