Black Beauty: His Groom and Companions (Courage Literary by Anna Sewell

By Anna Sewell

This booklet describes the adventures, disappointments and joys of a truly precise hose. As a tender colt, Black good looks gallops within the clean eco-friendly meadows together with his liked mom Duchess and their sort grasp. but if his proprietors are compelled to promote him, he is going from a lifetime of freedom and happiness to at least one of labour. Bravely he works as not easy as he can, ache by the hands of fellows who deal with animals cruelly. yet Black good looks has an unbreakable spirit and a powerful will, and is decided to outlive.

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But it was not so ; in the evening poor Skye brought them back again, one by one in her mouth ; not the happy little things they were, but bleeding and crying pitifully; they had all had a piece of their tails cut off, and the soft flap of their pretty little ears was cut quite off. How their poor mother licked them, and how troubled she was, poor thing! I never forgot it. They healed in time, and they forgot the pain, but the nice soft flap, that of course was intended to protect the delicate part of their ears from dust and injury, was gone forever.

I could never quite tell how it came about; he had only just mounted me on the training ground, when something I did put him out of temper, and he chucked me hard with the rein. The new bit was very painful, and I reared up sud- dcnly, which angered him still more, and he began to flog me. I felt my whole spirit set against him, and I began to kick and plunge, and rear as I had never done before, and we had a regular fight; for a long time he stuck to the saddle and punished me crnelly with his whip and spurs, but my blood was thoroughly up, and I cared for nothing he could do if only I could get him off.

They think a great deal of me, and so does James. Are you going to live next door to me in the box ? " Just then a horse9s head looked over from the stall beyond; the ears were laid back, and the eye looked rather ill-tempered. This was a tall chestnut mare, with a long handsome neck ; she looked across to me and said : " So it is you have turned me out of my box ; it is a very strange thing for a colt like you to come and turn a lady out of her own home. " I beg your pardon," I said, " I have turned no one out; the man who brought me put me here, and I had nothing to do with it; and as to my being a colt, I am turned four years old, and am a grown-up horse.

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