Battles of nineteenth century. Volume 2.

Второй том роскошного некогда издания истории войн девятнадцатого столетия рассматривает войны 20-30 годов. В основном уделено внимание колониальным войнам британской империи, но авторы, полковник британской службы Арчибальд Форбс и его друзья, не обходят и другие европейские страны. Книга обильно проиллюстрирована портератми военачальников, офицеров, картами, схемами, литографиями, на которых представлены различные боевые сцены.

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Again the bivouac lires flared up in the darkness, and the surgeons were busy on each side. We were too weary and too weakened to press in pursuit, and both armies remained all night within range of each other, ours suffering in addition from hunger the commissariat, as usual, unequal to its duties, and death threatening any who attempted to plunder. Bread had not been issued since the 22nd men were pale with exhaustion and sick for want of food, but there was no grumbling although in Talavera alone there was enough to say, !

Of Talavera, once Five-and-Threepennies," which was the cant name of the 53rd Shropshire ; while the 5th Battalion of the 60th, in whose ranks were many Germans, emptied their rifles into them again and The again. versal practice of Napoleon's armies send light a cloud of infantry uni- was against to the enemy, preceded by a cannonade and followed by the line. It was the light infantry that Campbell's regiments had repulsed, and as the column behind came through the dust General Mackenzie's men and some Spaniards stepped out to help the 4th Division, reserving their fire they came to close quarters.

The Guards charged valiantly, and were for an instant successful, but they advanced too far and there was great confusion. Von Rettberg's battery pounded steadily, and Bombardier Dierking won the notice of Sir Arthur Wellesley, who exclaimed, " Very well, my boy " clapping him on the back as shot after shot fell into ! the middle of the enemy but the situation ; vi-as Polish Lancers and the Westphalian Chevaux- most Legers the 23rd were outnumbered, cut down, and ridden over and although a few got back, amid the redoubled cheering of our infantry, 207 lay under their horses, the loss of the 1st Hussars being also heavy 37 men and 64 mounts.

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