Battles for Atlanta: Sherman Moves East by Time-Life Books

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This e-book offers many attention-grabbing information of the techniques of either side that's interesting. you return to appreciate the energy and braveness of either armies despite your view of the battle. This booklet exhibits that Atlanta was once no longer given up with no struggle. Johnston protecting process, and Sherman's flanking maneveurs all of the approach from Tennessee to Atlanta are special with maps, pictures, and extra. The sacking of Johnson for Hood ahead of the conflict of Atlanta is defined besides a number of the evaluations of generals and historians at the impression of this circulation.

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Polk's for Johnston to bolster the lines on the high ground commanding Camp Creek west of Resaca. These defenses formed a four-milelong arc, anchored on the my "Stop, ing to his feet. "I'm not drunk. While you were sleeping you, sir. " shouted Sherman, leap- generals are lying men held off the Federals long enough to press all naula River, just below the hamlet, and on the right at the Conasauga, a tributary of the along the line, at the same time sending one of McPherson's divisions directly south to Oostanaula east of the railroad.

Eastward at the Once rail line south of Resaca. again, as at Dalton, Johnston had been outflanked and would have to pull back. At dark, he began the retreat from Resaca, using all three bridges over the Oosta- naula. Fearing that Union artillery might be- gin shelling the two bridges within its range, ward dis- The other road followed the railroad 10 to Cassville. Johnston thought Cassville might be a good place to stage an ambush. He would send two thirds of his army, the corps of Polk and Hood, directly there.

Under Brigadier lashed out with their ramrods and were bayo- General William T. Ward, spearheaded the neted in return. Others fought with clubbed Butterfield's 1st Brigade, attack in column of regiments. In the lead men who, muskets and their "One fists. fire. These Hoosiers were commanded by Colonel Benjamin Harrison, the 30- would neither run nor surrender," recalled Captain William M. Meredith of the 70th Indiana, "but stood there laying about him with his ramrod. S. Presi- had was the 70th Indiana, 400 nearly two years of service, despite had never been under dent, William Henry Harrison, and himself destined for the presidency.

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