At walls of Troy and Mycenae

Army historical past of the mostancient Greece. Обзорный рассказ о военной системе Греции доэллинистического периода. Осада Трои, воины Микенского государства, система фортификационных сооружений Древних Микен. Способы ведения боевых действий древнейших греческих царей. Воспетых в гомеровских поэмах. Материал книги основан на археологических данных. В книге приводится немало фотографий реальных предметов вооружения, извлеченных из древних гробниц и могильников в Греции и в Малой Азии.

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Gla's fortifications were apparently built all at once in the early LH IIIBperiod. The circuit-walls at Midea, Argos and Krisa have yet to be dated accurately. The major extension of the fortification system to the north in Tiryns' third phase of fortification building used to be considered as the enclosure of a large open space in which herds of animals might be kept during times of siege. However, the German excavations directed by K. Kilian in the late 1970s and early 1980s within this Unterburg (Lower Citadel) have demonstrated that the space in question was fairly densely occupied by domestic structures.

The incorporation of the burial site, which was now replanned as a monument, was probably an attempt by later rulers t o appropriate the 'heroic past' as their own. (Author's collection) LEFT north-western angle and the North-East Postern on the north side, and two sally ports in the north-east extension. Gateways The Lion Gate was built during the second building phase (mid LH IIIB)when the circuit-wall was extended so as to include the rich and elaborate burials of Grave Circle A. Presumably the later rulers of Mycenae promoted themselves as the direct descendants of those interned here.

2. The imperfect tense throughout and the insistence on the number of ships would better suit the assembly of the whole force at Aulis than the situation found in the Iliad, that is, the 10th year of the war. 3. In three cases the poet has inserted lines to assimilate the Catalogue to the Iliad situation. He had to do this because three of the original leaders are not appearing on the field of battle this day, namely Achilles (refuses to fight), Protesilaos (dead), and Philoktetes (exiled). These considerations lead to the belief that a separately existing catalogue has been inserted into the Mad, with a few modifications, which we can see, and perhaps others, which we cannot.

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