Assassination Operation Anthropoid 1941-1942 by Ales Knizek, Jiri Rajlich, & Eduard Stehlik Michal Burian

By Ales Knizek, Jiri Rajlich, & Eduard Stehlik Michal Burian

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9. 1916–21. 6. 1942) JOSEF VALČÍK (2. 11. 1914–18. 6. 1942) JIŘÍ POTŮČEK (12. 7. 1912–2. 7. 1942) Was a graduate of the Military Academy in Hranice, from which he graduated as a Cavalry Lieutenant. In May 1939 he left the Protectorate for France, where he joined the Foreign Legion. Until the start of the war he served in Tunis. In October 1939 he was stationed in Agde, where he served as 2nd Adjutant of the Commander of the 2nd Infantry Regiment. In the battles on the front he worked as an Intelligence Officer.

Josef Gabčík and Karel Svoboda left for a completion para-course in Manchester, where they were to carry out two daytime jumps from a Whitley aircraft and one night jump from a fixed balloon. It was a fateful leap from a fixed balloon for Staff Sergeant Svoboda. He suffered a head injury during the jump. One day after Svoboda’s arrival in London, on October 6, 1941, a doctor examined him for persistent headaches. On October 7, 1941, WO Gabčík completed the graduate course alone. GS Capt. 1st Class Šustr immediately informed the Chief of Intelligence, GS Col.

Holden, F/Sgt. Burke, Sgt. Hughes, Sgt. Berwick, Sgt. Walton, and an unknown crew member. For its mission, ANTHROPOID was equipped with two containers with operating material. II machine gun with 100 bullets, 32 lbs. of plastic explosives, two yards of fuse rope, four smoke bombs, a reel of steel string and three timing pencils. , Jan Kubiš and Josef Gabčík landed on a snow-covered field near Nehvizdy not far from Prague. 45 december 1941 – may 1942 Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia It is December 29, 1941, a day like any other.

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