Armoured Warfare in the Korean War: Rare Photographs From by Anthony Tucker-Jones

By Anthony Tucker-Jones

After the second one international struggle, army analysts idea that the one position major armored forces have been ever more likely to confront one another back used to be in imperative Europe the place the Nato alliance could fend off the Soviet pink military. Then through the Korean battle of 1950-53 each side deployed huge numbers of armored scuffling with automobiles, and this missed element of the clash is the topic of Anthony Tucker-Jones's photographic historical past. Korea, with its rugged mountains, slim passes, steep valleys and waterlogged fields used to be no longer excellent tank state so the armor typically supported the infantry and barely engaged in battles of maneuver. but the big variety of armor aiding UN and North Korean forces performed an important if unorthodox function within the speedily relocating campaigns. For this attention-grabbing booklet over one hundred eighty modern photos were chosen to teach Soviet-built T-34/85s and Su-76s, American M4 Shermans, M26 Pershings and M46 Pattons, and British Cromwells and Centurions in motion in a single of the defining conflicts of the chilly War.


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