Archives of sexual behavior - Vol 39, 2010. Issue 1 (Feb) by Kenneth J. Zucker (ed.)

By Kenneth J. Zucker (ed.)

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3) Correlation with self-reported sexual arousal Correlation with perception of genital arousal Female Male Female Male 1 explicit heterosexual Effects of arousal on genital and non-genital film. sensations in women with vulvar vestibulitis syndrome vs. controls. 05 – – – Role of affect in predicting arousal in men and women. 1 explicit heterosexual film (femalecentered). 46 – – 1 explicit heterosexual film (male-centered). 52 – – 1 explicit heterosexual film (coercive). 14 – – – VPA during erotic 1 explicit heterosexual conditions and sleep.

99 (session 1/2) – – – – – Morokoff (1985) 62 students (mean age = 19) VPA Likert Effects of guilt, repression and experience. 1 explicit heterosexual film. 42 Unstructured fantasy. 00 (nonsig) – – – Morokoff and Heiman (1980) 11 healthy volunteers (mean age = 30) VPA Likert Comparing sexually functional and dysfunctional women before (session 1) and after (session 2) therapy. 65 audiotape, narrated by (session 1/2) male. – – – 1 explicit heterosexual film with no sound. 00 (nonsig) – – – 3 unstructured fantasies.

1994; Mosher & Maclan, 1994). We predicted that affective responses to sexual stimuli would influence subjective-genital agreement. Viewing female-centered stimuli did not, however, produce greater concordance among women. The gender difference in concordance was found for both female-centered and typical, commercially available sexual films. Men showed significantly lower concordance for female-centered stimuli, resulting in a smaller though still significant gender difference for studies that presented female-centered stimuli.

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