And Eternity (Incarnations of Immortality) by Piers Anthony

By Piers Anthony

In Pursuit of the final word GoodAfter an overpowering succession of tragedies, existence has eventually, mercifully ended for Orlene, once-mortal daughter of Gaea.Joined in Afterlife via Jolie -- her protector and the someday consort of devil himself -- jointly they search out a 3rd: Vita, a really modern mortal with problems, sights, and an unsettling ethical code uniquely her own.An striking triumvirate, they embark on an outstanding quest to reawaken the Incarnation of fine in an international the place evil reigns -- dealing with demanding situations that might try out the very fiber in their beings with trials as a variety of, as mysterious, and as devastating because the Incarnations themselves.

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Chapter 2 - NOX "And so we shall have to brave the Void to locate Nox," Jolie concluded. " Orlene exclaimed, brightening. She was now as lovely as she had been at the height of her mortality, though her grief and worry detracted somewhat from it. " "We shall go there," Jolie corrected her. " "You have already done too much, my friend. " "For me, yes, but it is not your concern. I would not—" "Orlene, it is my concern," Jolie said firmly. " "Because your baby sickened and died—because his genetic pattern had been changed, because your ghost husband sought a favor from Gaea without reckoning its consequence.

She alone could have taken me from the demoness at the height of my passion. " He spoke without the inflection of godhead, preferring to be Parry for this private tryst. "But I can give you some advice. Look for her in the region of chaos, where Clotho goes for new thread, but turn to the side before chaos is complete. " "You will find her if she chooses to be found. If she chooses otherwise, you are helpless. " "Nox needs no lever against me! I am a major Incarnation, but I exist by the sufferance of Nox, as do we all.

She exclaimed. " Jolie said. " Orlene said. "We were climbing toward the point; now we are descending toward the point. " Indeed, it seemed to be so. "That was one impressive bit of magic," Jolie said. " They contemplated each other. Their clothing was tattered but still serviceable. Their skins were abraded, but not seriously damaged. The locusts had not been able to do a lot of damage in the few seconds they had had. " Orlene asked. "That seems likely. But maybe we should descend to the peak of the mountain first, then go out.

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