An Economic Inquiry into the Nonlinear Behaviors of Nations: by Rongxing Guo

By Rongxing Guo

This booklet applies an fiscal method of learn the riding forces in the back of the dynamic behaviors of constructing international locations. considering preliminary stipulations and environmental and exterior components usually oversimplified by means of historians and anthropologists, Guo reveals that the increase and fall of civilizations and international locations an anti-Darwinian technique: actual weak point, instead of energy, brought on people to evolve. Cultures dealing with adverse actual and environmental stipulations built complicated societies to beat those demanding situations, whereas favorable stipulations didn't incentivize significant financial and cultural swap. Over centuries of monetary progress and improvement, countries and civilizations’ adaptive behaviors have a cyclical direction at either the rustic point and in a world context. This interdisciplinary e-book accommodates components of historical past, anthropology, and improvement into an astute fiscal research that adjustments the best way we predict in regards to the origins and evolutions of civilizations.

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Thanks to natural selection, Eurasians were forced to develop immunity to a wide range of pathogens. However, when Europeans arrived in the Americas, European diseases (to which Americans had no immunity) ravaged the indigenous population there, rather than the other way around. As a result, the European diseases decimated indigenous populations so that relatively small numbers of Europeans could maintain their dominance (Diamond 1997, 200–2, 204). If Diamond’s argument is persuasive, then do the Americas, which have been already dominated by Europeans, still have such kinds of disadvantages?

However, given the fact that China’s food scarcity has existed for much of its civilizational era, many Chinese still treat carp as their favorable food. There is a long tradition of carp in Chinese culture and literature. At the middle reaches of the Yellow River, in Henan province, there is a waterfall called “Longmen” (dragon gate). It is said that this gate was created by Yu the Great—the legendary founder of the Xia dynasty—who split a mountain blocking the path of the Yellow River. According to one account, all the carp competed at a yearly competition to leap the Longmen Falls, and those who succeeded were immediately transformed into dragons.

Cambridge: Wm.  Eerdmans Publishing. Croft, William. 2012. Verbs: Aspect and Causal Structure (Oxford Linguistics). Oxford: Oxford University Press.  Excoffier. 2004. Modern Humans Did Not Admix with Neanderthals during Their Range Expansion into Europe. PLoS Biology 2(12): e421. Darwin, Charles. 1859. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. 1st ed. London: John Murray.  Pelerin. 1998. Neanderthal Acculturation in Western Europe?

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