Amazon Planet (A book in the United Planets series) by Mack Reynolds

By Mack Reynolds

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It added a factor that simply shouldn't have been here. It worried him. " Zeke scowled at him. "How do you mean? Nobody knew you were coming. " Guy said, "Look. Let's start at beginnings. Tell me, briefly, your position. " He took up his glass and took a swallow. The wine was excellent, clean and fruity and similar to a Soave from that area of Earth once known as Italy. Zeke took a deep draught of his own winea wiped his mouth with the back of a beefy paw and said, "All right. Here we go. It's got to the point on Amazonia where we can't stand it any longer, understand?

Certainly the other was playing it cautious. He saw the figure move again, revealing a bit more of itself. Unless he was mistaken, that was a head, half exposed, trying to seek out Guy's position. There was no doubt in Guy's mind whatsoever. The attack had been an attempt at murder. Not just mugging, not just an attempt at robbery. Was it a case of mistaken identity? There would seem to be no other alternative that made sense. But mistaken identity or not, the assassin was interested in murder and nothing short of that.

Why's it so easy for a…a warrior to latch onto any man who comes along? " "Oh dear," Podner sighed. "It's so hard to realize you aren't familiar with our ways. It seems so natural to me. Well, let me think. " "Where…" Podner giggled delicately "…where we boys dominate. It's so hard to believe, isn't it? Anyway, I understand the Goddess Artimis first revealed her desires pertaining to a warrior taking a mate, when the early colony ships set down on Amazonia. She saw in her infinite wisdom that the need was to be…" Podner coughed gently "…fertile and populate the land.

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