Alkaloids Volume 4: Specialist Periodical Rep (Specialist by J.Edwin Saxton, etc.

By J.Edwin Saxton, etc.

Expert Periodical stories supply systematic and certain evaluate insurance of growth within the significant components of chemical learn. Written through specialists of their expert fields the sequence creates a distinct provider for the lively learn chemist, delivering usual serious in-depth money owed of growth particularly components of chemistry.

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Biosynthesis 21 proved to be of singular significance5* Manifestly it appeared to be the product of phenol-coupling of the phenethylisoquinoline (76). Furthermore, a close relationship between androcymbine (72) and the dienone (68) could be seen, and so the earlier hypothetical route to colchicine could be tentatively modified to (76) + (77) + (70). Hydroxylation of (77) could provide the starting point for ring expansion. autumnale and C. byzantinurn. 60 [''NlTyrosine was also incorporated into the alkaloid in accord with the expected derivation of the amino-function of colchicine from that of tyrosine.

Biol. 1972, 10, 101 (Chem. , 1973, 78, 13 761j).

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