ABC en emergencias by Alberto J. Machado

By Alberto J. Machado

ABC en emergencias fue pensado como una herramienta de trabajo. Un ayuda memoria, o una guía rápida acerca de cómo enfrentamos, y que puntos relevantes no dejar de considerar, en distintas situaciones frecuentes en Emergencias.

Emergencias es los angeles especialidad médica que estudia los hechos y situaciones patológicas de aparición súbita que ponen en riesgo o comprometen l. a. salud.

En Emergencias el tiempo nos corre, y el momento en que tomamos diferentes conductas, durante los angeles evolución del paciente, inftuye directamente en el pronóstico.

En ninguna otra especialidad, se pone en juego los angeles capacidad de decisión tiempo dependiente.

La acción organizada y sistematizada frente a una emergencia, es l. a. que redundará en mayores beneficios, permitiéndonos valorar que "es" y que "no es" de riesgo very important. Un manejo desorganizado, transforma l. a. situación, que de por sí ya es crítica, en un caos con el perjuicio directo sobre el paciente.

ABC en emergencias es un educational de consulta rápida, cuando tenemos poco tiempo para consultar.

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As you arrive at each patient’s bedside, give the team a short summary to bring everyone ‘up to speed’: Mr Green is an 88-year-old man who presented 8 days ago with congestive cardiac failure. He has responded well to intravenous furosemide and is now on oral diuretics, and his electrolytes and renal function remain stable. We anticipate that he will shortly be medically fit for discharge, but he and his family have expressed concerns about returning back home and so we are planning a case conference this afternoon to discuss discharge arrangements.

These may all be within a single body system. For example, you may think that the cause of a person’s breathlessness, cough and blood-stained sputum is entirely due to some form of disease process within the respiratory system, but are not sure which disease, your differential diagnosis being lobar pneumonia, carcinoma bronchus and bronchiectasis. You can now consider which investigations are the most appropriate to eliminate two of these so that you end up with a firm diagnosis. The cause of a patient’s breathlessness may lie outside the respiratory system and there may be features in the history and examination that make you consider: ● ● ● ● ● ● think broadly remember that ‘common things occur commonly’ and rare things really are ‘rare’.

It takes time to acquire this skill, and your senior colleagues will be able to guide you on honing your presentation technique. Be sure to seek constructive feedback and endeavour to act on the advice you are given. THE CLOSING SUMMARY As with the opening statement, the closing summary should be short and to the point, and needs to condense all the key findings of the case you have presented into a final paragraph: In summary, Mrs Brown is a 67-year-old woman who presented yesterday with a 4-day history of breathlessness and cough productive of green sputum.

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