A Simplified Guide to BHS: Critical Apparatus, Masora, by William R. Scott, Hans Peter Ruger

By William R. Scott, Hans Peter Ruger

This is often the most recent version of a truly renowned handbook that is utilized in school rooms around the globe to help scholars studying to learn the Hebrew Bible.

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S gdlta') , Eccl 7:23 Lev 6:10 Gen 37:22 e ,pl09 f}1D=D'D j'plOQ 'DID . Q=i^D '31^9 UÍ>2 TH'ttN places in which is written n b l noK'l or similar , p109= plOQ , plOQ verse(s) 1'plDD Hüp»09 ,pOQ nKnQ=Br)Q />asé# (see p. 5) parasah, one of 54 sections of the Pentateuch (see p. 2) Gen 17:17 Ezra 6:9 Exod 21:7 INDEX OF THE SMALL MASORA flD ]'t32/9 nri9=riQ jt)p rig 'fill ills nun m w ~lp=p 1 49 indicates syllable is accented by pasta', patah vowel to be pronounced patah (vowel) s gdl (vowel) large letter sadeh description of the temple q re, to be read (instead of k tib, the written text).

The disjunctive accents are usually on the last word of a phrase, clause, or other semantic unit. , units of meaning) do not always coincide with syntactical units. Thus an 'atnah, for example, may occur in the middle of a clause, but usually signifies some discrete sense of meaning. ) In general terms, the accents listed under 25 26 A SIMPLIFIED GUIDE TO BHS "group 1" on the following pages divide the verse; the accents under "group 2" divide the two halves; the accents in "group 3" are subordinate to those in "group 2"; etc.

The beginning and ending sections of Job (1:1 to 3:2 and 42:7-17) are considered to be prose and use the same system of accentuation as the Twenty-one Books. The following table summarizes in very general terms the semantic use of accents in the three books of poetry. For more details, see Wickes, and Yeivin articles 358-374. Disjunctive Accents of the Three Books siilüq Used as in the Twenty-one Books, but up to 4 servi. e 'öleh w yored Main verse division. Only 1 servus. 'atnah Divides 2nd half of verse or divides short verses.

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