A Short Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon Poetry: In a Normalized by J.B., Jr. Bessinger

By J.B., Jr. Bessinger

The writer has tried to hide the vocabulary of the total corpus of Anglo-Saxon verse and make the word-list as generally beneficial as attainable for the overall scholar of Anglo-Saxon literature.

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Enclosure, hedge; dwelling (22) hagol/hae3(e)l (hielas) m. sleet, hailstone, hail; name of H-rune (16) hagu-steald (^as) m. sg. celibacy: aj. bachelor, young (13) hál aj. whole, healthy, intact (272) ^3 aj. holy: as sb. (~e) m. saint: ^monaj? sg. September (597) ~wende aj. sg. sg. salvation (272) hálsung (~a) /. supplication (272) ham (~as) m. dwelling, manor, home (240) ham (a) (~as; ~n) m. coat, covering (93) hama aj. coated, furnished with a coat (93) hamelian II hamstring (1) hamor (~as) m.

Frog (1) hider av. sg. hay (8) hie(3)an / exalt; worship (492) hiesan / hold (a meeting) ; perform, keep (a fast) ; carry out, achieve (12) hiehst see héah híehjm (híehj>a)/. height (492) hield (—a) /. sg. keeping, custody; secret place (443) hieldan / incline, bend, bow, descend; incline, force downwards, lay down (26) a-hieltan I trip up (3) hienan 7 lower, abase, humiliate (92) híenKu) (hien>a) /. humiliation (92) hieran I hear; obey; serve: ofer— disobey (296) hierdan / make bold, make hard (261) hierde (hierdas) m.

Sg. wantonness, lechery; evil: aj. 3eac (^as) m. cuckoo (3) wanton; happy (38) 3eador/gader av. sg. folly (340) ^tang aj. continuous, united (25) galán (ó, ó, a) 6 sing; cry out; enchant 3eaf see 3Íefan (43) 3éagl (^as) m. jaws (1) gambe (gamban) /. tribute, tax (2) 3eald see sieldan gamelian // grow old (27) 3ealdor (sealdru) n. sg. mirth, sport (14) incantation, song (43) gamol aj. old (27) 3ealga (^n) m. gallows; cross of Christ gán [<* gáan] (éode, 3e-gán) anv. go, (16) come, walk; come about: á^ come to 3ealg-mod aj.

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